ケビン ガフニー「決して太陽が届かない場所」

Kevin Gaffney “Far from the reach of the sun”

会期 2018年11月24日(土) – 12月15日(土)
休館日 日曜・月曜・祝日
時間 13:00 – 19:00
会場 CAI02



Exhibition statement:
“Far from the reach of the sun” is a new film by artist Kevin Gaffney. Set in a near future, a government- approved drug can alter your sexuality, allowing you to be satisfied in ways that were not previously in your nature.
Coded with references to pseudo-medical practices such as gay conversion therapy (which attempts to turn people straight, causing psychological problems for an already vulnerable minority), the film reflects on the church and medical profession’s history of interfering with the lives of LGBT/queer people. The indifference of priests and doctors to these young people’s lives is symptomatic of the church, state and medical community’s treatment of LGBT people historically.
“Far from the reach of the sun” revolves around the protagonists sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings; tumultuous worlds at odds with the power structures surrounding them. The film reflects on the effects of isolation and homophobia on a queer person’s relationship with themselves and others, and the plethora of stereotypes and contradictory messages that queer people navigate daily.

美術家、映像作家。2011年、ロイヤル・カレッジ・オブ・アートを卒業、写真と映像を専攻し修士を習得。2015年、アイルランド出身の美術家として初となるスカイ・アカデミー・アーツ奨学制度を受賞。2014年、ユネスコ – アッシュベルグ受賞作家として韓国の国立近代・現代美術館のチャンドンレジデンシーに滞在。現在は、北アイルランドのアルスター大学に博士課程の研究員として在籍中。
ガフニーの作品はアイルランド近代美術館にもコレクションされており、国際的にも展示されている。近年の展示は、CAI02現代芸術研究所 (札幌、2014年)、キャスリーン・ソリアノ企画によるBlock 336(ロンドン、2017年)、Ormston House(EVAパブリック・プログラムの一環として、2018年)などがある。

Kevin Gaffney is an artist filmmaker. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2011 with an MA Photography and Moving Image, and was awarded the first Sky Academy Arts Scholarship for an Irish artist in 2015. He was an UNESCO-Aschberg laureate artist in residence at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art’s Changdong Residency in South Korea (2014). He is currently a PhD Researcher at Ulster University, Northern Ireland.
His work is part of the Irish Museum of Modern Art’s collection and has been shown internationally, including: CAI02 Contemporary Art Institute (Japan, 2014); Block 336 curated by Kathleen Soriano (London, 2017); and Ormston House (as part of EVA’s Public Programme, 2018).